How Much Does A Boston Terrier Cost?

For many people the decision to purchase a dog begins with choosing the right breed that will fit in with their lifestyle.

Ultimately you want to find the best dog at the best price but you need to look at the whole picture when it comes to being an owner.

The Boston Terrier cost doesn’t end when you buy your dog.

There will also be some ongoing costs as well that you need to take into consideration.

I have noticed quite a few dog owners that didn’t realize this and only after bringing home their pooch did they start to see there is additional things that should been thought of regarding ownership.

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The Price Of A Boston Terrier Itself

Once you start your journey to find the perfect dog there will different places to look such as Craigslist, pet stores and dog breeders being the most common.

The average cost of a Boston Terrier will be around $500 to $1300 but can cost as much as $2000 depending on where you live and and the gene pool it comes from.


This is the marketplace that makes it easy for everyday people to list items they want to sell and this can include dogs.

Although it can be a great place to find things for your house or maybe a car to purchase its not a place recommended to buy a pet dog.

As a matter of fact Craigslist put a stop to selling pets through their site.

But from time to time you may find one listed for sale.

Buying a Boston Terrier on Craigslist may seem enticing if you do see one being advertised at a low cost but I would take caution before going through with the sale.

It would be hard to determine the origin of our dog as well as how it was brought up and if there any problems with the dog.

Pet Stores

Your probably familiar with Petco, PetSmart and Pet Valu if you live in Canada.

These are large chains with hundreds of locations.

The cost of a Boston Terrier at these locations will run equivalent to what you would find a quality breeder charging.

So what’s the problem with that you might be asking.

These large pet stores usually get their dogs from puppy mills where they are bred in large quantities in sub par conditions.

Which means that you can get a Boston Terrier that is not socialized properly or may have some health problems.


This will be the best place to start looking for your dog if you plan to purchase them as a puppy.

You want to make sure that your dealing with a reputable breeder.

The benefits will be a healthier more socialized Boston Terrier.

Although the Boston Terrier cost for puppies might be slightly more than buying from a pet store you will get the piece of mind knowing your dogs history and genetics that the breeder can provide.


Boston Terrier Cost Of Ownership

Now that you have an idea of the average cost to purchase a Boston Terrier its important to understand what the annual cost can add up to.

Once you bring your dog home they are going to require certain things some only being a one time purchase while others purchased on a weekly or monthly basis.

It is estimated that the annual costs to own a Boston Terrier will be about $1,000 per year according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Boston Terrier Annual Costs Can Include

  • Food & treats
  • Healthcare
  • Play toys
  • Bedding
  • Grooming
  • Pet sitting

Most of these costs will be easy to budget for once your Boston Terrier gets settled in.

Costs To Feed

Costs Of Dog Food For Your Boston Terrier

The cost to feed your Boston Terrier is going to depend on the quantity as well as the quality of food that you purchase.

Purchasing dog food in bigger bag sizes will get you a better price than if you were buying smaller bags.

On average most owners report that they feed their dog about 1 cup of dry dog food per day.

About a 1/2 cup twice per day.

According to Simply For Dogs about 4 cups of dry dog food equal 1 pound in weight.

This makes it a little easier to budget for your dogs food intake.

After looking through all the different food brands and qualities on Amazon its safe to say that your monthly dog food budget will be between $50 to $75 per month ($600 to $900 yearly).


Boston Terrier Healthcare Costs

Keeping your dog healthy requires visits to the vet for annual checkups.

With a vet visit costing $125 to $175 on average.

There will also be instances of illnesses or emergencies that may require tests as well as medicines.

This can be expensive.

So its a good idea to set aside money for not only your preventive maintenance costs but also for any unexpected costs that may pop up.

Budgeting a minimum of $600 yearly minimum should be a good start.

Some years your going to spend more than others.

Play Toys, Bedding & Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Costs For Boston Terriers

There will be some miscellaneous expenses and costs such as beds, food bowls, leashes and play toys.

If you purchase a good quality dog bed and bowls there will be higher up front costs but overall the higher price should relate to better quality and the items lasting longer.

A good memory foam bed will cost about $125 to $150 and should haven’t to be replaced on yearly basis.

Same with good quality water and food bowls.

A good quality metal bowl will be priced from $8 to $15 but they won’t need to be replaced very often.

Play toys and leashes may not last very long because they tend to get chewed up or lost.

Grooming & Bathing

Fortunately it is fairly easy to take care of Boston Terriers and they don’t need much in the way of grooming.

Owners usually only need to do some quick brushing to help with shedding and a bath every couple of weeks depending on their activity.

If your short on time then you can bring them to get their bath from a local pet store and they are usually reasonable

The one closest to me offers this service for $10.

Clipping nails is another one of their grooming needs and if you don’t plan on doing it yourself then it can be done at the vets for a small cost or a professional groomers.

You should budget $10 to $15 per month to cover the cost of grooming.

Pet Sitting

There may be times that you will need to leave your Boston Terrier with a pet sitter due to vacations, emergencies or any other event that its not practical for your dog to be with you.

According to the costs can range from $9 to $22 per hour depending on where you live.

If your going to be away for an extended period of time and need to leave your dog overnight or for days the pet sitter will have a set daily cost for 24 hour care.



If your in the market to purchase then its important to keep in mind the fact that there is more to the Boston Terrier cost than just the purchase price.

The price to buy is going to be $500 to $1300 on average and $2000 plus for a pure breed.

But as you can see there will be a need to budget for all the other expenses that come with dog ownership.

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