Do Boston Terriers Like Snow?

Boston Terriers are a playful breed of dog and they do love to play both inside and outside.

So people like me that live in the north east often wonder if our terriers will like the snow once winter arrives?

The only way to really find out if Boston Terriers like snow is to let them loose and see what happens.

Check out the video below!

If your Boston is into the snow he will romp around in it and you will have to drag him back into the house.

Otherwise if they are not a fan of the snow and cold they will spend enough time as they need to get their business done and be back in the house without a struggle.


Take Precautions When Its Snowy and Cold Out

Just because your Boston Terrier may love the snow and cold doesn’t mean that they should spend long periods of time in it.

They don’t have much fur on the underside and the their coat is relatively thin on the rest of their body so they won’t be able to trap body heat.

It won’t take long for them to get cold.


Here are some tips

Keep on a leash – if your dog has a tendency to run and explore then its best to keep them on a leash so that they get lost in the cold temps and end up with frost bite.

Get winter coat – coats aren’t just for humans. Believe it or not you have plenty of options when it comes to getting your dog a winter coat and they will appreciate it.

Expect to pay anywhere from $10 for a lower quality coat to over $50 for one that is warm and waterproof.

Get them booties – just like humans you can purchase boots for your dog that will protect their paws.

Although having boots is a great way to keep their feet warm you may find that your pooch will not want to wear them.

No big deal.

Just make sure to clean their paws if you come back in from a walk to make sure that you get any salt or chemicals off.

Maybe even let them stand in some warm water for a minute.

Natural wax – if your terrier won’t wear boots another alternative is to use a natural wax that is made for a dogs paws.

One by Musher’s is 100% natural and is great for keeping a dogs paws protected in the winter.


Other Things To Consider

If you live in an older house like I do you might find that it can be hard to keep warm and there may be some drafts during the winter months.

So there may be the need for your Boston Terrier to wear a thin coat in the house as well.

Its also a good idea to keep there bed in a warmer less drafty area of the house and provide a blanket for them to snuggle up in.



Your Boston Terrier may or may not like the snow or cold.

Either way it is important to make sure that they are protected from the elements just like you protect yourself.

Use common sense and never leave your Boston out for extended periods of time in the winter.

Especially in frigid temperatures.

Ultimately your Boston Terrier will let you know whether or not they like the snow and cold.


I would like to hear how yours handle winter. Leave a comment below!

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