Do Boston Terriers Drool A Lot?

If your like me you might be turned off by the thought of always having to clean up your dogs drool.

With some dogs typically larger breeds this can be a big problem.

So just how much do Boston Terriers drool?

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No Need To Worry About Drooling

The good news is that Boston Terriers aren’t known for having problems with excess drooling.

Does this mean that it will never happen.

No not at all.

There are going to be instances or events that cause your dog to drool when they normally don’t.


Why Is My Boston Terrier Drooling

Lets look at some of the reasons that your dog is drooling when they normally don’t.

  • Ate something they shouldn’t have – if your dog is out playing in the yard or at the park there is the chance that they chew on or eat something that gets stuck in their mouth.
    • Poison substances – there are many different foods and substances that are poisonous to dogs which include chocolate, different kinds of nuts, sweeteners found in food and some plants.
  • Teeth problems – its important to keep your dogs teeth clean so that they don’t develop any health issues. If there is a problem with one of their teeth then you can expect some drooling. Make sure you clean them at least once to twice per week.
  • Pain – its possible in older dogs to have arthritis causing pain in and around your dogs mouth. This can cause your dog to drool as well.
  • Excessive exercise – if your noticing most of the drooling occurring around times that your dog is outside and active then this is a normal occurrence. The dog can become overly excited during walks which can also contribute to the problem.

Be Vigilant & Knowledgeable

Its a good idea to learn as much as you can about the specific breed of dog that you plan to purchase or currently own.

In general there are some things that apply to most breeds of dogs including toxic foods and substances, health issues and owner responsibilities.

It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with these.

But if you notice something out of the normal then make sure to monitor the situation closely.

For example if your Boston Terrier is drooling and shaking its possible that there is a serious condition causing and it and should be immediately looked at by a qualified vet.



Boston Terriers drool and this normal.

As I stated before this specific breed is not known for excess drooling although there can be exceptions to the rule.

Each dog is going to be different so my dog may do it less than your dog or vise versa.

The important thing to remember is to pay attention to their daily habits and be a responsible dog owner when it comes to making sure they get the proper care and attention.

Don’t just throw them in the back yard without supervision or leave them in a house full of products they have access to that may not be good for their health.

If you do notice notice something out of the normal or your Boston Terrier excess drooling have them checked out by your vet.

Leave a comment below with your experience with drooling!

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