Do Boston Terriers Bark? What You Should Know!

If your wondering if Boston Terriers bark a lot you will be happy to know that for the most part they are fairly quiet and have a great temperament.

But that may not always be the case and there are certain situations that you will find that they have a tendency to start barking more than usual.

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The Reasons For BarkingĀ 

Every dog is going to have their own personality some being more hyperactive than others.

If you have a dog that is more on the playful side or has a high energy level then you may find that they also tend to bark more often.

But there are some other reasons that are more common as well.

1. Territorial Bark

You may find your Boston Terrier barking just from the share fact that they are protecting their territory.

These little guys may like to bark when they see the mailman, the neighbors dogs or even their owners.

Especially if your interfering with their meal.

2. Their Lonely

Just like a little child your terrier wants attention.

So they will let you know by barking.

Make sure to keep them entertained so that they don’t get stressed which will help.

3. Playing Around

Whether its playing around with their owner or their siblings they may tend to get worked up and start barking.

This is just their way of saying “lets have some fun” and try to keep the activity going.

4. Stress

Boston Terriers will start barking more often when under stress.

The barking will usually be accompanied by the dog pacing or acting in a manor that is not normal.

Typically these are social dogs that like company so if they are left a lone for long periods of time they may develop anxiety.


Train Your Boston Terrier Not To Bark

The best time to start teaching your dog not to bark is when they are puppies.

Puppies learn quickly and they have not yet developed their independence.

Training your terrier can help in a number of ways including:

  • Better nights sleep – you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night for cars or people walking by the house.
  • Neighbors & visitors – keeping your dog from barking at everyone they come in contact with will keep your anxiety down as a dog owner.

The Human Society has outlined some simple steps to help with your barking dog and they involve giving support and the use of dog treats.

The overall goal is desensitize the dog to the things that are making them bark.

If your dog is just barking for attention then it is recommended to ignore them until they stop and then reward them with a treat.

One of the interesting things they mention is to actually teach your Boston Terrier to bark on command.

Then when they stop reward them with a treat.

Keep stretching out the time from when they stop barking to when they are rewarded and they will eventually become less inclined to bark for small reasons.

All this should be done in small sessions ( about 10 minutes at a time) and over time the barking will slowly be reduced.


Final Thoughts

All Boston Terriers bark.

Some people report that their dogs bark a lot while others find that theirs bark relatively little.

Some of this can probably be attributed to how they were brought up.

If your Boston Terrier barks a lot the important thing to do is find out the reason why.

Is it stress and anxiety or just a learned behavior?

If they have an underlying cause then this needs to be addressed first before trying to teach them not to bark.

Make sure that they are healthy and getting plenty of exercise.

If they are then try some of the ideas that were discussed in this post to get their barking under control.

Be patient because its not going to happen overnight.

It can take days to weeks before you start to see positive results.


Comment below and let me know what your experience is with your Boston Terrier.

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