Buying A Boston Terrier (What Are Your Options?)

Are you considering buying a Boston Terrier but not sure where the best place is to get your new pet?

Don’t worry I will go over some of your options here to help you with your decision.

Some are better than others while some should be avoided all together.

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An Exciting Time For You 

Think about it your going to be bringing home a new member of the family.

You want to make sure that they are healthy and have been well cared for before you receive them.

So when you go to buy your Boston Terrier its important to have as much information about their history as possible.


Buying From A Breeder

This is a good option because you will get a terrier puppy that you can raise from a young age and train accordingly.

Typically only weeks or months old.

A good option for those that would like the challenge of helping their terrier learn new things and explore their new surroundings.

When buying from a reputable breeder you will also get the chance to see the puppies parents and the setting where they were brought up before you purchased them.

Thus giving you piece of mind that your terrier was well taken care of.

Along with these assurances comes the price tag.

You can expect to pay more for your Boston Terrier from a breeder than other places such as pet stores or previous owners.

It should be noted that not all breeders have the same qualifications.

Make sure that you ask around for recommendations.

You don’t want a breeder that is only in it for the money and doesn’t really care about the dogs.


Buying From A Pet Store

This is probably one of the places that most people end up buying their Boston Terriers.

They may not know that there are better options out there so they default to buying at their dog at a pet store.

You can expect to pay a little more than you would from a breeder due to the fact that pet shops get their dogs from commercial kennels.

These are facilities that are in the business of breeding dogs mainly for profit.

There is less concern when it comes to the dogs themselves.

The terriers may be less healthy and socialized than those from a good breeder.

Plus you don’t know their history or even know if the pedigree is what they say it is.

Although its possible that buying Boston Terrier from a pet store will work out for you a better option would be buying from a quality breeder or even adopting from a local shelter.


Adopt A Terrier

Its possible that a local shelter will have a terrier that you can adopt which would help to put the dog into a loving home.

The advantage of dealing with a shelter for the buyer is that they will save money.

Usually a shelter or rescue organization has taken care of the dogs medical needs with exams and vaccinations.

You will also get information on the dog as to whether or not they are good around children or other pets.

It may also be possible that the shelter offers to let you bring the dog home as a foster parent to see how things work out in the home.

If things don’t go well then you would be able to bring the dog back.

The biggest advantage though is going to be for the terrier themselves because you will be taking them out of a stressful situation.

By adopting a Boston Terrier from a shelter you are helping to make room for another dog that may need help as well.


Buying From An Owner

This could be a good option for those looking for a terrier that is a little older and has already been house broken as well as socialized.

I would only go this route though if the person that was selling the dog came as a referral from a credible source such as a relative or friend.

Its possible that the owner may no longer be able to take care of the dog or has some legitimate reason for having to sell them.

One thing that I have seen that I want to caution everyone about is the warnings that I have come across about buying a Boston Terriers off of  Craigslist.

There have been many people that have had bad experiences with unhealthy dogs which they only found out after the fact.

People selling terriers on Craigslist may not always be honest as to how the dogs were brought up or their health.

Its really not worth losing money and getting a terrier that has problems just because the previous owner wants to unload them on someone else.

Some of these people may even be amateur breeders that don’t know what they are doing.

So do your homework before buying a Boston Terrier from a person that you don’t know.



Buying a Boston Terrier will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

You want to make sure that you get a healthy dog both physically and mentally.

So its important to take your time and learn as much as possible about their history, temperament and any additional information that you can find.

Reputable breeders and shelters are a couple of the best places to start to find your new furry friend.

In the end you will end up with a new Boston Terrier that loves you as much as you love them!


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