Are Boston Terriers Good Pets?

Boston Terriers are adorable little dogs that have become very popular pets over time.

Although I like all dog breeds I don’t really have the room for a bigger dog so I started to compare the smaller breeds.

After doing some research I had narrowed down my choices and the Boston was at the top of the list

So lets take a look at the reasons people are buying Boston Terriers so that you get a feel of their good qualities.

I will also go over some of the negatives as well.

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What Makes Boston Terriers Good Dogs

When considering a pet for the family there are some basic traits that potential owners look for and Boston Terrier owners are no different.


There are many different breeds of dogs to consider when you want to bring a new family member home.

Unfortunately if you live in an apartment or in any other kind of situation where you don’t have a lot of extra square space a smaller dog will be your best option.

When it comes to weight you can expect to see a range of 10 to 25 pounds.

Typically a female will be on the lighter side coming in at 10 to 20 pounds while the male will be slightly heavier coming in at 15 to 25 pounds.

Their height will be between 15″ to 18″ tall.

The female terriers tend to be on the shorter side while the miles are a little taller.


Although a Boston isn’t indestructible they are hardy little dogs that you won’t need to be afraid to play with.

Plus you won’t have to worry about them playing with your children like might be the case for a breed such as a Chihuahua.


One thing you will notice when your around a Boston Terrier is that they tend to get along with everyone whether it be humans or other animals.

They always seem to be in a good mood and like to play.

They really enjoy the company of people and bond easily with their owners.

Because of this it would not be a good idea to leave them alone for extended periods of time.

As with humans Boston Terriers will have their own personalities and temperament.

While some may be more reserved others will be more energetic and always want to horse around.

Some owners say that their Boston can sense what kind of mood they are in and then adjust to it themselves.


Boston Terriers like to get their exercise and some activities that they may enjoy would be playing fetch with a frisbee or ball, going on walks and running around in the yard with other pets.

Each dog is going to be different when it comes their energy level.

While some are going to need more play time you might find that others tend to be more reserved and will need less.

If your terrier is a puppy or younger than you can expect them to have more energy and want to play more than say an older dog.

For the most part they will have bursts of energy 15 to 30 minutes when they like to play but a good majority of the time they also enjoy sitting on the couch or your lap.

After spending some time with your dog you will get a feel for how much exercise they need.


The Boston Terrier is not suited for very hot weather due to the fact that they have a shorter nose that is “mushed” in.

Because of the shape of their nose they are unable to breath very well and cool the air coming into their nose like a dog with a longer snout.

They also don’t do well in cold weather.

They have very little fur on their underside plus they don’t have a very thick coat of fur to insulate themselves.

So on extremely hot or cold days its best to keep them in a climate controlled setting.


One nice thing about Boston’s is that they will need less grooming than other breeds of dogs.

If your dog plays mostly in the house and stays relatively clean then its possible to go months without giving them a bath.

They shed very little and with regular brushing you will be able to keep it to a minimum.

Because of wrinkles on the face it is recommended that you clean their face at least once week along with brushing their teeth.

As for cutting their nails you can expect to do this every 3 to 4 weeks if they aren’t wearing them down on their own.

Feeding & Diet

If you get yourself a Boston Terrier puppy then you can expect to feed them more times during the day maybe about 4 or 5 smaller meals.

As your dog gets a little older they can go to 3 meals per day.

Once they are about 1 year old 2 meals a day should be fine.

It also depends on your dogs metabolism and how much exercise they get.

If you have a very active dog then they are going to require more food than a dog that may be older and less active.

You just want to make sure that you are not overfeeding them causing them to put on access weight.


Common Health Problems With Boston Terriers

Although these terriers have some great qualities they can be prone to some health issues that you should be aware of.

Here are the more common ones that an owner may encounter.


Because of their short noses they may have some difficulty breathing.

They may also have what is called Brachycephaly.

This is an obstruction of its airway that is inherited and the degree of severity will vary between different dogs.


Because this breed of dogs have eyes that are protruding they are more apt to suffer from an eye injury.

So its important to keep this in consideration when playing outside.

Cataracts are the eye problem most common with Boston terriers and this is due to genetics or maybe an eye injury.

If your going to be purchasing a terrier you should ask the seller whether or not the dog has already been checked for cataracts.

Knee Problems

Its possible that your dog may end up with a dislocated kneecap which is called Patellar Luxation and is genetic in nature.

Typically you may notice the dog stretching its back leg in order to bring the kneecap back into position.



Boston Terriers are good pets for just about anyone that wants a well rounded dog with its own personality.

They play well with children and other pets in the household and they love companionship.

They tend to be more of a house dog and a favorite among both young and old.

I wouldn’t be afraid to make them a new member of your family as long as your familiar with their strengths and weaknesses.

Are Boston Terriers good pets?

I would have to say yes!


I look forward to hearing your comments below!

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  1. I’v been the luckiest Boston Terrier owner for the last 4 years and pray this love lasts for many many years to come! I’ve had many different dog breeds but my Boston is by far the bestest friend I’ve ever had. We’re inseparable. He and I traveI everywhere together. We fly, drive and train travel. I now understand when they say: “The hardest thing about having a Boston Terrier as your best friend? Is the goodbye.” 🥺


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