What Is The Boston Terrier Temperament & Personality Like?

The Boston Terrier is a smart dog that can have an attitude of its own.

Some say they are hard to train while others say they just need to be taught with love and consistent coaching.

They do make good pets and here are some of the things to know about a Boston Terriers temperament.

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Energy Level

Typically the small breeds of dogs have high energy levels and the Boston is no different.

They like to play and do have short bursts of energy that can run from 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

So they will need to get their exercise daily in order to stay fit and healthy.

Walks and playing in the yard are some favorite activities.

If you have kids then this is a great way to keep the family engaged and get your pet its allowance of play for the day.

Get a ball or frisbee to keep them entertained.

But don’t worry because they also like to relax and spend time sitting in your lap while you watch TV.

Some terriers will be more active than others but or the most part its best to plan on having a dog that needs to stay active.



As with most dogs its best to train them early on because the older they get the harder it will be once they have established their routine.

If you get your dog as a puppy then you will have this opportunity.

Being consistent and rewarding the pup with treats when they do as told will go a long way.

Once you establish yourself as the boss your Boston Terrier will start to follow your training and they will  be a joy to be around.

If you don’t get them trained earlier on then be prepared for a dog with a little attitude.



Many Boston Terrier owners report that their dogs know what mood they are in and will adapt.

They also know when they have done something that they weren’t supposed to as shown in the video below.

The terrier is receptive to the tone of your voice so they know when you are praising them as well as when you are reprimanding them.

So its always good to have patience and not get mad at your Boston when they do something wrong otherwise they may develop anxiety.

Be firm and treat them when they do what they are supposed to in order to get their best behavior.


Final Thoughts

The Boston Terrier temperament is going to be different for each dog and for the majority they are a fun loving and playful breed that gets along with everyone.

Its important to love your dog for who they are and enjoy their antics.

Its possible to have a dog that is on the lazy side while someone else has a dog that has a ton of energy always wanting to play.

You may also realize that your Boston has a stubborn streak in them as well but you can patiently train them to behave.

So take it in stride and enjoy your dog.

Let them be who they are so that get the chance to learn and become the best family pet possible!


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