How Long Do Boston Terriers Live For – Increase LifeSpan?

If your in the planning stages of getting your first Boston Terrier or maybe you have one that has been in the family for a few years now you might be wondering how long do Boston Terriers live?

This is an important question you should be asking yourself.

Their lifespan will typically range between 11 to 15 years.

Some can live longer or shorter depending on such things as diet, lifestyle and genetics.

So how can you help your dog live a long and fruitful life?

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Ways To Increase Life Expectancy

Knowledge is power and ultimately the more you know about Boston Terriers the better you will be able to care for them and give them an enjoyable life.

So lets start with the basics.


Typically they will eat a couple times per day.

You want to make sure that they stay within their recommended weight range and not become overweight.

Depending on what stage of their life they are in will also determine the best foods for them.

They can eat fruit and vegetables along with regular dog food.

There was a study done by Purina that showed keeping your pooch on the leaner side helped to increase their lifespan by almost 2 years.

Its best to stick with the highest quality dog foods that you can afford so you don’t need to worry about fillers and other questionable ingredients if you don’t have time to prepare home made food for them.


Regular Checkups At The Vets

Another important aspect of ownership is making sure that your dog gets yearly visits to see the veterinarian.

Although you may feel that everything is well with your dog a vet is trained to spot things you may overlook.

You want to make sure there are no major health issues which could shorten the life expectancy of your Boston Terrier.

This is even more important as your terrier starts to age and become a senior.


Activity & Fun

Just like humans its important for your Boston Terrier to get exercise not only for their physical well being but to also stimulate their mind.

When their puppies and in their younger years they will be more active of course and it won’t be a problem getting them to go outside and horse around.

Walks around the neighborhood are also helpful so your dog can explore and learn new things.


Genetics Also Control How Long A Boston Terrier Lives

Unfortunately you don’t have any control over the genetics of your dog but there is a way that you can get off to a better start when buying your new pooch.

Buy from a reputable breeder.

The reason that you would want to buy your Boston Terrier from a reputable breeder is because they know the history of the parents and bring the pup in a nurturing environment.

If the breeder is responsible they will not be doing it only for financial gain.

Instead they have the breed and dogs best interest in mind.

You can expect to get a pure bred with less of chance of any health problems.

Which could ultimately lead to a longer Boston Terrier lifespan.

This can’t be said if you purchase from a big chain pet store that may be getting their puppies from a puppy mill.


Final Thoughts

When I get asked the question of how long do Boston Terriers live? I make sure that I let who ever it is know these basic tips.

It takes a little more effort but the reward is that you can add years onto the life of your Boston Terrier just by doing the little things.


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