How Much Does A Boston Terrier Cost?

How Much Does A Boston Terrier Cost

For many people the decision to purchase a dog begins with choosing the right breed that will fit in with their lifestyle. Ultimately you want to find the best dog at the best price but you need to look at the whole picture when it comes to being an owner. The Boston Terrier cost doesn’t … Read more

Do Boston Terriers Drool A Lot?

Boston Terrier Drooling

If your like me you might be turned off by the thought of always having to clean up your dogs drool. With some dogs typically larger breeds this can be a big problem. So just how much do Boston Terriers drool? Keep reading …….   No Need To Worry About Drooling The good news is … Read more

Common Boston Terrier Health Issues

Common Boston Terrier Health Problems

Boston Terrier health issues overall are not that bad. But due to the way the dog is physically you may find that some of the most common problems can impact your lifestyle. So let’s go over what to be aware of and how you can minimize some of the health risks that come with owning … Read more

Do Boston Terriers Get Along With Cats?

Do Boston Terriers Get Along With Cats

If your an animal lover and plan to have more than one pet in the house you might be wondering if a Boston Terrier will like your cat? For the most part you shouldn’t have any problems. There are some things to consider though and I will go over them here. Keep reading …….   … Read more